History Quest:)

Our history project

This image is of my history project, Maddison and I did this project together. It is about “Women’s Suffrage Movemen in the 1800s. The women’s Suffrage Movement was basically women obtaining the rights that they deserved even though the men in this era didn’t think they deserved them, men were seen as superior, women did most of the work, but men did the work that was seen as more important. Men went to wars and fought, but women tended to the wounded, made clothing, medicines, food, and also did all the housework. Back in the 1800’s women weren’t viewed as living breathing people, they were viewed as property, so there was conflict over that. Most women were too scared to do anything other than oblige to their husbands wishes. They had no rights, but there were some people, even men, who disagreed with the fact women didn’t control anything, politically, emotionally, they didn’t even have control over their own children, men were seen as suprior to women, but when the people who disagreed with that stood up, th got the ball rolling, and society slowly began to recognize women as individuals, not property, and after time and exceptance, society became whhat it is today. It took time, but now women ARE important, and we are seen as people, after all, women are politically, and mentally as strong as men, but gender discrimination still happens, and women are, in fact, affected more by it.

OELC Leadership Camp

In May, for four days five students, including myself, were chosen for a great time at OELC Leadership Camp, OELC stands for Ontario Educational Leadership Centre. We did many challenges, and Leader Development sessions that helped me grow as a leader, I realized that everyone at the camp were great leaders and when we all step up to our challenges together we always overcome whatever’s in our way. There was one Session that had everyone emotional, it was called Walk Across The Line, or Lower the Waterline. Imagine an iceberge, you see the top of it, thats a person’s image, underneath the top, or someone’s image, is all that you don’t see, or peoples feelings, fears, truths, lies, secrets, and everything they dont show, or mask with their image. So  the waterline covers those masked feelings, the point of this was to lower the waterline, and show people who you are under the line, and the questions were personal, it took trust to show these things, and we all trusted people we just met, and my best friends that came didn’t know half of the things I crossed for. These questions were personal, some of them were:

” Cross the line if you have ever felt alone at school”

” Cross the line if you have ever been left out because you’ve been called heavy or tall.”

I crossed the line for many of the sentences, and I could see the shock on some of my friends faces, at the end, there were tons of hugs and tears, everyone, including the guys, were hugging, and most of us were bawling. That was the only sad part about our trip, the rest was fun, and laughter.


In class, for the last little while we’ve been discussing bullying. My thinking about bullying and friendship has changed alot. I’ve learned a lot more about bullying, the effects, the outcome and the things you can do to stop it. Friendship is different, there are real friends, and fake friends. real friends stand by you, and stand up for you if you’re being bullied. A true friend shouldn’t be afraid to stand up for you, and if you’re being a bully, they shouldn’t be afraid to tell you that you’re hurting others, mentally, physically, and emotionally, and tell you to stop. If they’re a true friend they shouldn’t let you hurt others, they should help you to make good decisions. Fake friends are those who laugh off bullying, or even join in, they aren’t afraid to lose you as their friend if it means they won’t become a victim, or they become more popular, fake friends tease you often, and sometimes just become your friend because they think you’re popular. Bullying has many different forms. Nowadays cyberbullying is one of the worst, posting pictures on Facebook, or Instagram, or Twitter, or other websites where they can be viewed publically. Sometimes even friends post pictures you told them not to, it’s happened to me, and it can be irritating, or even hurtful. Most people don’t want others to see that picture, sometimes it’s okay to keep it with your friends, but when they post it anyone else can see the image. Another form of bullying is physical. Lots of people Physically bully as well. This type of bullying is more boys, but there are girls who do this too,  this is when the victim gets beat up, and injured, this type of bullying is used to intimidate others, so if a bully is large and strong, they are most likely going to use this height and weight advantage against you. Gossiping and ostracism is another form of bullying, this form is directed at girls, but there are guys who spread rumours as well. This kind of bullying hurts, alot, having lies and rumours spread around about you that others believe can have you kicked out of a social group, which you shouldn’t be in if they leave you at a time you need your “friends”, and can amount to feeling alone, and some people even take their own lives because of it. Bullying affects people alot more than bystanders and bullies may not know. Or, they may know, and want some one else to know how it feels. Victims feel alone, when they have friends that stand by them and stand up for them, they feel like theres hope, so if I ever see anyone being bullied, I swear I will stand up for them, even if they’re someone who’s bullied me, or someone who doesn’t like me, or vice versa. Next time you see someone else being bullied, what will you do? Will you leave them to fend for themselves, and feel horrible, or help them out? Think about it.

Challenge 4

Challenge 4

Swim training 19

I really like this picture  because it shows my favourite sport, swimming.
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Michael Lokner via Compfight I recently started swimming for my city’s competitive swim team, and I absolutely love it. Swimming has always been a big part of my life, even though I just started swimming competitively last year, I’ve always swam, I have a pool in my back yard, so I learned how to swim at a very early age, swimming is one of my favourite things to do and that is why I love this image.

Challenge 2

Challenge 2


        Any caring, kind- hearted person would agree with the obvious statement that testing on poor, defenseless animals shoudl be illegal. There are many reasons, I’ll zero in on three, it’s cruel and painful, pointless and these animals are not ours to kill.

        The first of many reasons is: Animals are not our test subjects, they don’t belong to us and our selfish wishes. Why do we test on these poor animals? COSMETICS. So our hair is more manageable, our eyelashes are longer and fuller, and we cover up a zit or two, we come to this earthe however long ago, and believe we’re dominant and can take what we want from nature and abuse it. It’s Ridiculous.

  (Credits to google images) There are other cruelty free options instead of  the cruel, murderous choices we’re so obviously making now, why don’t we use them?

          Secondly, these horrible treatments are POINTLESS! Animals don’t live up to human standards! Humans and animals have differant bodies, skin, reactions, and blood types. For example, Planet Science states: “Humans and animals don’t always react in the same way to a drug. One drug, TGN1412, was tested on animals and in humans. All the human patients suffered life-threatening side-effects which didn’t appear in animals.”  This proves that human beings and animals are different and testing on them is pointless.

        My last reason testing on animals should be banned, is that it’s cruel and painful. Animals should be free, or at least have caring owners. Instead, studies show larger animals such as cats, dogs, primates, etc. live in wire cages, hardly ever leaving until the continuous torture begins. P.E.T.A’s website says: “Animals are infected with diseases that they would never normally contract, tiny mice grow tumors as large as their own bodies, kittens are purposely blinded, rats are made to suffer seizures, and primates’ skulls are cut open and electrodes are implanted in them. Experimenters force-feed chemicals to animals, conduct repeated surgeries on them, implant wires in their brains, crush their spines, and much more.” This proves that cruelty towards animals is way beyond what most people think is unfair. We permit this. Imagine if it were us, our family, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, children, being subjected to this, how we would plead for help, ask for the cruelty to stop, these animals don’t have a voice, we need to be their voice.

     You may think testing on animals is okay, for our sake, who cares if a few animals die for us? Well, every year over 100 million animals are killed in U.S labratories.  That is almost three times as many people in Canada, for make-up, perfume, and other useless things we don’t need. We need to realize that we don’t need make-up, or perfume, it’s worthless to have, yeah sure your hair shinier, or your face is clearer, but is it woth blinding, deafening, torturing and killing animals because they can’t say no or stop? Think about that the next time you buy more mascara or blush that’s killed helpless animals.

     These are the reasons I believe cruel experiments should stop being conducted on animals, because putting innocent creatures that don’t belong to us, through harsh, painful, torturous, pointless experiments is wrong. Please think about that the next time you buy bronzer, or perfume, or anything else for your own beauty.




Challenge #3

Challenge 3

The ten things I would do with a single knee sock.

10- Fun Game- Put a tennis ball in the end of the knee sock, where your toes would go, then go to a wall. Stand with your back to the wall, and hold the top of the sock, then swing the ball at the wall on your right side, and swing it at the left side, after a couple hits off the wall, the motion will become natural, the faster you hit it, the more fun it is.

9- Magic Bag- Fill a sock with dry rice, and tie off the top end, then put the sock in the microwave, the rice heats up and as its warm, place it on sore muscles and joints.

8- Ponytail- Cut the toes end off, and turn the sock inside out,twirl the sock to that it ends up in an ‘o’ shape, you now have a hair pony.

7- Puppet- Who doesnt love sock puppets? Decorate your sock any which way you want, and you now have a sock puppet, great for kids you can babysit.

6- Use as a duster- easy to clean with, use it to  dust frames and other stuff around the house.

5- Use over ice packs- If you hurt yourself, most people put some ice on injuries, I know when I broke my leg I had ice on it all the time, you can’t have ice on bare skin, so instead of using papertowel, put the icepack in the sock and put it on your injurie.

4 Cast undercover- If you break a limb, place the sock over the limb, such as your leg/arm, and it creates a barrier between the cast/walking cast and the feeble, sensitive skin. ( Believe me, been there, done that.)

3- Flag- Ever play capture the flag? Use your socks as flags in flaf football or capture the flag.

2-Dog chew toys, dogs love chewing on socks, actually, thats probably where the other sock went anyways, so if you find a loner sock, hand it to your puppy.

1- Chair Leg Covers- Loud squeaky chair legs? Slip socks over your chair legs so they don’t squeak and scratch  your floors.

Blogging Challenge

Challenge 1

The ten people I would like to meet and the questions I would like to ask them:

10: Adam Levine- Why did you start with Maroon 5?

9: My  Papa-  How did you and Nannie meet?

8: Missy Franklin- Who’s your swimming inspiration?

7: Blake Shelton- Why did you start singing?

6: Bonno- What inspired you to write ‘Beautiful Day’?

5: Bob Marley- What was your childhood like?

4: Suzanne Collins- Why did you write ‘The Hunger Games’?

3: Oscar Pistorius- How was it to compete at the 2012 Olympics with two prosthetic legs?

2: Lance Armstrong- Why did you start cycling? How hard was it to make your way to the top?

1: Michael Phelps!: Why did you start swimming? How has your choices changed your life?

Why Do We Read?

Why do we read? We are taught at a young age and read all throughout our lives, but why? Two reasons. Power and Pleasure. Pleasure is for reading just for fun, to read a good book, and get into it, or read a series and feel like you’re living the book with the characters. But Power is what some people read for. Reading is knowledge, Knowledge is Power. Reading helps you learn about different subjects, the Prime Minister has to read and he’s the most powerful person in Canada.  Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Eminem, all great singers who have to Read to be able to sing. Reading is very important and a great tool in life!


Today in class, Meghan, Tosh, Eryn, Maddison and I watched a video on youtube called Why Do We Dream? Scientists who study dreams are called Onierologists, and these scientists have many theories on why we dream. One theory is that dreams semi-prepare us for the real world. Say in a dream you experienced a strong emotion such as fear or anxiety. Being able to control or learn to control recurring feelings of anxiety or fear helps you handle those feelings better in the concious world. Another theory is just that dreaming is replaying memories that are in the back of your subconcious mind. Also dreaming theories suggest there is no actual purpose to dreaming, it is just the epiphenonminon of the subconcious mind.  Dreaming semi-paralyzes you while you sleep. You normally don’t move at all while you sleep because your brain shuts down the connection between the motor and your bodies muscles. Dreaming is a mystery that will always make me wonder.

Murderous Shootout in Conneticut USA

There was a horrible event on Friday, December 14, 2012. There was a school shooting on this day. 27 people were killed and 20 of them were children between the ages of 5 and 10. Teachers and students heard gunfire and teachers started hiding children in cabinets and corners of the room. There were teachers and the principal, the shooter was found dead in the school and the police are trying to figure out how he died. 2 kids were rushed to the hospital but died soon after. I believe that we should take a moment on Monday to remember these children and their families. Rest in piece children.